Use Recyclable, Environmentally-friendly or Creative materials to germinate tea seeds?

It is common to use a plastic propagation tray to germinate a large number of seeds and repot seedlings afterwards, since tea is a tree kind of plant which needs a longer space to develop a deep root system, we use the plate pots here in Germany. But are there some other options, on more recycable, environmentally-friendly or creative ways?


Hubei/ Anji white tea – a white tea or a green tea?

White tea 白茶 [bái chá] is a kind of very light fermented tea, the special tea kind of the six big Chinese tea kinds, which are white, yellow, green, oolong, black and dark teas. After a harvesting, fresh leaves need to withering, dry in the sun or dry with a gentle heat, unlike other tea processes, white tea leaves is lack of rolling processes. The good manufactured white teas are mainly buds with white hair as snow or silver, white teas in China are always used as herbal medicines. […]