4. Juni 2017

Wudang Daoist Tea

Daoists grow tea for hundrets of years. Especially in Wudang Shan, the holy land of the daoists and home of countless immortals and their legends, the local daoists grow tea for them self and for pilgrims and tourists visiting the famous mountains in Hubei Province/China.  Wenzhuo Liu and her husband were living in Wudang Shan for many years and started growing their own tea. On around 850 meters above sealevel the tea grows in an area where the klimate and Feng Shui is perfect to grow this special daoist tea.  We don’t use any chemicals or arteficials to grow our tea,  and every step of the teaproduction is made by hand.  We provide the best quality for our customers and if you try our Wudang Daoist Tea, the fragrance and fantastic aroma will speak for it self.  You are welcome to contact us any time and visit our Wudang Daoist Tea Farm in Wudang Shan/China.