4. June 2017

Wudang Daoist Tea

Daoists have grown tea for hundreds of years, especially in Wudang Shan, the holy land of the daoists and the home of countless immortals and their legends, the local daoists grow tea for themselves and also for the pilgrims and tourists visiting there, the famous mountains in Hubei Province/China. Liu Wenzhuo and her husband were living in Wudang Shan for years and have managed their own tea plantation since 2014. On around 950-1000 meters high above sealevel, the tea plants grow in an area where the climate and Feng Shui are perfect for these special daoist tea trees. No additional chemicals or artificials is used, and every step of tea production is controlled. The best quality for the customers, the fragrance and fantastic flovour of Wudang Daoist Tea speak for itself. In 2016, Wudang tea house is founded in Germany for spreading Chinese/Wudang Daoist tea culture to Europe, along with Wudang Tea Garden, in which, hundreds of Wudang tea plants are growing and adapting to the German weather till now.

Welcome to visit the Wudang Daoist Tea plantation in Wudang China and the Wudang Tea-House/ Tea-Garden in Alfeld (Leine), Germany.


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Wudang Daoist Tea

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