4. June 2017

Liu – Chinese Art

The idea, the concept, the principle is what makes the Chinese tea art alive, creates new trends, bring living tradition to the modern world. The passion of Liu-Chinese Art is to spread China’s Wudang Taoist tea and art culture in Germany and Europe, along with the tea garden, tea house and Taoist temple in Germany. With the help of the tea and artist team from China, they developed the brand includes Taoist tea and art items including Liu Wenzhuo’s own ceramic and art works, they keep exploring to better integrate with German culture. There are ancient spring water Apenteichquelle, the historical ceramic production town Duingen, which is also called Pottland, and stoneware clay pits nearby. According to local conditions, we not only produce tea, but also use spring water and clay to brew tea and make teaware, experience the integration of German and Chinese tea culture.

We have a series of tea and art related Workshop:  Tea Category, Tea Blending, Handcraft, Tea Culture, Tea Ceremony, Tea and Taoism. If you are interested, you can make an appointment with us in advance. 

Tea Culture

Tea Ceremony


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Tea Music- Gu Qin

Tea Atmosphere- Incense Lore

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Making Tea Ceramic


Tea Culture


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