4. June 2017



the 4th “Global May” Tea Party

18. May  8 am to 10 am CET

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online large-scale China’s international tea event to celebrate International Tea Day


Chinese New Year Tea Party

January 21  16.00  


Chinese New Year tradition and related tea custom, New Year paper-cut and fortune writing, tea drinks and refreshments


Tea Food Banquet

February 4  16.00  


Traditional and modern tea food, the history and custom of tea food and tea banquet, processing and tasting of Lei Cha, creative tea chocolate, etc.


Prague Tea Fest

February 25,26


Karlinske nam 7, Praha 8, Czech Republic


Tea tasting & chat with Liu Wen Zhuo -Chinese tea processing techniques on the UNESCO list

February 26 18.00 – 21.00, February 27 18.00 – 21.00


Orijin Tea

Charvátova 3 110 00 Prague, Czech Republic


Tea and Taoism Gathering

March 25  16.00


Tea culture and history of Chinese Taoists and temples, the practice, theory and philosophy of tea and Taoism, historical and modern Taoist tea, processing Wudang Taoist medicinal tea

Tea Garden Gallery