4. June 2017

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Time-Table2023 Season I 

All activities are held online and offline at the same time. The online explanation and demonstration process is one hour, and offline is to come to our tea house to experience the whole process in person. Only register in advance.

Chinese New Year Tea Party

January 21  16.00  


Chinese New Year tradition and related tea custom, New Year paper-cut and fortune writing, tea drinks and refreshments

Tea Food Banquet

February 4  16.00  


Traditional and modern tea food, the history and custom of tea food and tea banquet, processing and tasting of Lei Cha, creative tea chocolate, etc.

Tea and Taoism Gathering

March 25  16.00


Tea culture and history of Chinese Taoists and temples, the practice, theory and philosophy of tea and Taoism, historical and modern Taoist tea, processing Wudang Taoist medicinal tea


We have series of online and offline workshops, including Dynasty Tea Ceremony, Oolong Tea, Dark Tea, Tea Blending, Tea Processing, DIY (soap, ceramic, chocolate), Tea and Taoism, Tea Tasting… Participants can experience through hands-on operation and learn the knowledge of tea science and culture, education through leisure and entertainment, health preservation etc.. Together with us, we could pay attention to the ecological sustainability, combine tea with local characteristics, and explore and develop the integration of Chinese and German tea cultures.

To participate our 2023 workshop, just contact us in advance to book the time.

Email: info@liu-tea-art.com Tel.: 05181 9010891/ 0176-68748080
Add.: Imserstr. 22 Alfeld 31061 Germany

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