4. June 2017


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Tea and Taoism 


Tea culture and history of Chinese Taoists and temples, the practice, theory and philosophy of tea and Taoism, historical and modern Taoist tea….


Gong Fu Cha


Gong Fu Cha, the molding period of Gongfu tea should be after the formation of semi fermented tea. It is inferred that oolong tea was founded in the middle and late Ming Dynasty, first in Wuyi, then in Southern Fujian and Chaozhou. How did oolong tea form Gongfu tea when it spread to Chaoshan?

Infused Loose Tea Method


“School of the fragrant leaf” Infused Tea Method 撮泡法 [cuō pào fǎ]. The Ming Dynasty began to abandon the popular steamed tea cakes of the previous dynasties, and people began to process and roast loose tea, which also led to the change of tea drinking habits. And what’s the difference between steamed tea and roasted tea?

Oolong Sensory Evaluation


Participants can master the methods of oolong tea evaluation and learn more about traditional method and general method at present. Traditional method is mostly used in Fujian, while general method is almost used in Taiwan, Guangzhou and other regions. The purpose of these two evaluation methods is to understand the quality characteristics of oolong tea and correctly evaluate the quality of tea.

Tea Philosophy


Chinese Taoist tea and Chinese Buddhist tea are known as China’s two famous religious tea. Buddhist tea has Zen and Taoist tea has tea theory. The core idea of tea culture should be attributed to Confucianism. Other schools of Chinese philosophical masters incorporate tea into their system…

Space Tea


space tea, what tea has been sent into space, and what achievements have been made, what surprising changes will the special environment of space bring to tea? how to drink tea in space, what changes will be made to the tea and tea seeds brought to the Chinese space station, and what expectations we have for the future.

Chinese Tea


world intangible cultural heritage – traditional tea processing techniques and associated social practices in China, introduce the traditional and modern ways of inheritance of traditional Chinese tea making and customs, triggered more tea people’s awareness of tea inheritance, and protected and developed these tea traditions…

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