4. June 2017

Event/ Workshop

Wudang Tea House/ Tea Garden

In 2022, we launched a series of online workshops, including a series on the main tea activities of various Chinese historical dynasties, explanations on the formation areas of China’s main tea cultures and characteristic teas‘ tastings, as well as the connection between tea and Wudang’s history and culture, tea and Guqin music, etc.

Dynasties’ Tea Workshop

Tang Dynasty Tea Workshop

Song Dynasty Tea Workshop

Ming Dynasty Tea Workshop

China’s Main Tea Culture

Gong Fu Cha Oolong Tea Culture

Sichuan and Tibetan Province Tea Culture

Yunnan and Guangxi Province Tea Culture

Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Anhui Province Tea Culture

Hunan and Hubei Province Tea Culture

Tea and Wudang Taoist Culture

Wudang Tea Culture and Live Guqin Music

Wudang Taoist Tea Ceremony

Wudang Taoist Tea Meditation

To book our 2022 online workshops, just contact us in advance to book the time.

Due to the requirements during the recent epidemic, if you need to visit our tea house in the near future, please contact us in advance to book the date and provide relevant real-time epidemic prevention certificates.

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