4. June 2017

Tea School/ Tea Plantation

Our tea school and plantation is located in Leine Uplands Steinberg in Germany. On the slope in the south of the hill, facing Wispe, a branch of the Leine River, it is adjacent to Seven Hills, fame as a result of the fair tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. There are ancient spring water Apenteichquelle, the historical ceramic production town Duingen, which is also called Pottland, and stoneware clay pits nearby. According to local conditions, we not only produce tea, but also use spring water and clay to brew tea and make teaware, experience the integration of German and Chinese tea culture.

The tea school and plantation, including traditional Chinese tea rooms, tea bar, ceramic studio and event hall, indoor and tea plantation outdoor cover a total area of more than 1.4 hectares and can support small and medium-sized tea activities. Our tea plantation is a comprehensive tea garden with production experience, science and culture education, and ecological sustainability in combination with fruits and vegetables planting and livestock breeding. We cooperate with Wudang Taoist Temple to organize workshops and events monthly related to tea and Taoism, so as to continue the tea planting culture tradition of Chinese Taoists and Taoist temples. In here, guests could experience not only the process of tea from planting to picking and processing, make teaware in the ceramic studio, but also learn the tea cultural knowledge from tea workshops, and enjoy a constantly changing art gallery of Chinese ceramic works, painting and calligraphy.

Upcoming Event, online and offline Tea Education could also be booked in advance, we look forward to hearing from you.

Open Time: open with an appointment
Imserstr. 22, 31061, Alfeld, Germany
Tel.:  05181/9010891



Derivative characteristic tea activities include Tea and Taoism on-site Guqin music, Tai Chi and other Wudang martial arts performances, Taoist meditation and so on…


 calligraphy show, Handcraft workshop includes teaware making in the ceramic studio


learn the tea cultural knowledge from Tea Education programs


Tea Education programs of Professional Training and Workshop


In here, guests could have Tea Processor workshop to experience the process of tea from planting to picking and processing…