5. June 2017


The indoor auditorium of our tea house can organize medium-scale tea events for less than 100 people. There are also a tea bar, traditional Chinese and modern tea furnishings for different tea ceremonies’ performances and activities, exhibitions of tea sets and tea related culture, art and history of China’s dynasties, and tea related ceramic art creation studio. The outdoor tea garden will also open this spring, and will provide tea picking and processing experience in the near future. Derivative characteristic tea activities include on-site Guqin music, calligraphy show, Tai Chi and other Wudang martial arts performances, Taoist meditation and so on…

Book us for your anniversaries, private parties, company events, show and performance, seminar and workshop. We offer several services to our customers and clients, please review our online and offline workshop, and professional training, upcoming event, contact us in advance for more details.

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