Wudang Daoists and Tea – Chen Tuan and Liu Daoming

Chen Tuan, one of the most famous daoists had lived in secluded Wudang mountains to cultivate himself, <History of Song 宋史> recorded that Chen Tuan liked to drink tea, the Zhou Shi Zong emperor had rewarded him 30 Jin tea according to <History of Song · Chen Tuan Biography 宋史·陈抟传>. Chen Tuan had written <Memorial of thanks for emperor’s autograph edict, Tea and Medicine 谢手诏并赐茶药表> to Song Tai Zong emperor, which was included in <Whole History of Song 全宋史>.


Wudang Daoists and Tea – Laozi and Yin Xi

Chinese family has a tradition of serve tea to guests, regarding to the Daoist Scriptures, this tradition is from Daoism. In the Spring and Autumn period, when Laozi (Lao-tzu) left Hangu strategic pass, he asked the pass guard Yin Xi to welcome him at home and could serve him tea firstly “首献茗”, Laozi said, people who appreciate tea as food, they should be all disciples of Daoism “食是茶者,皆汝之道徒也”. ——《道经·天皇至道太清玉册》


High Mountain Tea from Wudang Mountains

The kind of teas could be called High Mountain Tea 高山茶, the tea fields‘ height above sea level must be higher than 800 meters. Comparing with other teas growing at lower see levels, high mountain teas are much more special: