Why is High Mountain Tea more special?

Wenzhuo Liu

The kind of teas could be called High Mountain Tea 高山茶, the tea fields‘ height above sea level should be 500-900 meters, the best higher than 800 meters. The temperature decreases by 0.6 degrees for every 100m increase in altitude. Above 900 meters above sea level, the temperature is too low, it is not easy for tea plants to grow, if go through the clouds, ultraviolet light is too strong, and it’s also not good. Comparing with other teas growing at lower see levels, high mountain teas are much more special, especially famous high quality green and white teas.

High mountain tea’s tastes are more rich and sweet, because of strong root systems, high mountain tea plants could absorb more mineral substances and nutrients. High mountain tea’s textures are more smooth and soft, since high mountains surround all the year round with cloud and mist, high humidities, rich diffusion lights and big differences in temperature between the day and the night are optimal for tea plants to produce some desirable compounds.

Since the theanine content is the determinant of fresh and brisk tastes, green tea and white tea have originally high in content of theanine, high mountain tea plants in early springs under lower temperature and less illumination could produce the more desirable compound of theanine, but restrain undesirable compound of tea polyphenols which bitterness comes from. This is why famous green tea needs to be picked in the morning, temperature is lower and not much sun-light in mornings.

High mountain tea’s liquid is more clear and bright, because lights on high mountains are mainly blue-purple lights because of cloud and mist block, which could restrain undesirable compounds to produce. High mountain green tea‘s fragrances are much higher, longer daylight hours and relative lower temperatures are good for fresh leaves to produce aromatic compounds.

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