Wudang Tea Farming

Wenzhuo Liu

Nowadays, tea farms use many physical ways for manual weedings and disinsections,

for example, sticky boards or/and solar devices to attract insects. 

Because tea plants absorb many particular elements from the earth, for instance, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and bush tea plants have relative shorter root systems than scrub and tree tea plants to take more particular nutritions in deeper

and wider soils, in order to use bush tea plants to produce tea longer than 40-50 years, it is necessery to use bio fertilisers annually, plant ash, manure… On Wudang mountians, we do these before the Frost’s Descent 霜降.

In rain seasons, a good slope drainage system could not only keep tea plants from waterlogging, but draw also extra water to particular places into storages, so in dry seasons, tea farmers irrigate tea fields by using stored rain water from countainers

or/and pounds.



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