German Planted and Processed Tea – Tschanara Tea Garden

The northernmost producing area in China had used to be Rongcheng Shandong (37° north latitude), since the “Introduction of South Tea to the North 南茶北引” movement had been succeeded in the 1960s. In recent years, the trial planting has been successful experimentally in Chifeng Neimenggu 41° N, it has changes the Chinese tea history again. On the other side of the earth, the inland city, Odenthal is located at 51° N in Germany, Tschanara tea garden has planted tea trees outdoor since 1999 there, is it a miracle or Camellia sinensis has more potentials to be developed? […]

Germinate Tea Seeds – Wudang Tea Garden Germany

It is common to use a plastic propagation tray to germinate a large number of seeds and repot seedlings afterwards, since tea is a tree kind of plant which needs a longer space to develop a deep root system, we use the plate pots here in Germany. But are there some other options, on more recycable, environmentally-friendly or creative ways?


German Teagarden – Tschanara

Teagarden – Tschanara has been the very first tea garden since 1999 in Germany, Odenthal-Scheuren at an altitude of 200m, there are many different varieties from all around the world, China, South-Korea, Japan, Nepal, India, Vietnam, Turkey, Germany, Netherlands and England etc..