International Tea Day – European tea people’s online Carnival

Wenzhuo Liu

Good news for Chinese readers: related article has been published in the May 2021 <Tea Times 茶博览> tea magazine in Chinese, 国际茶日-欧洲茶人的线上狂欢”.

On May 21, when searching for #tea related topics on major social media and websites, people will find that international tea people post online to send each other their best wishes, which is a special way of celebration since the outbreak. European tea merchants usually receive new teas from Asian countries in May. With the popularity of international tea day and the freshness of tea, online sales discounts and lucky draw activities are full of joy. Several international tea associations hold online tea fairs or lectures on the day of international tea day. During the epidemic period, such large-scale online tea fairs have no regional restrictions, and the number of participants is often too large, so it is difficult to get one ticket, and the servers are full.

In recent years, it is popular for European tea circles to visit tea mountains in Asian countries, tea farmers and tea processing workshops in remote areas. Most of them are tea related practitioners and tea enthusiasts, their accompanying photos and videos shared through we media are highly sought after. Although the epidemic in Europe has restricted these people’s cross-border tea travel, the European tea garden near their residence has attracted their attention. Read More Since the beginning of May, the peak picking season of tea plantations around Europe has come one after another. When tea farmers are busy, they don’t forget to post their thanks on the international tea day, to these people volunteer to work in tea plantations. With the shortage of human resources in Europe, tea production is also a labor-intensive industry. The visit of these tea people is like a long drought and a rainy day, which not only alleviates the shortage of employment, but also makes the most vivid publicity for the new tea in the tea garden. Read More

Map of member tea gardens (part) of Tea Grown in Europe Association EuT

Tea, as a symbol of health in Europe, has been applied to different fields. Besides bag tea and loose tea, there are also new tea drinks, tea cocktails and tea spirits, and it never stops at drinks. Take Germany as an example, tea elements are added to all kinds of food, snacks, nutrition, cosmetics, skin care and other products. Although the prices of tea chocolate, tea ice cream and other products sold in affordable supermarkets are sometimes staggering, they can make the conservative German willing to pay for them. As a seasoning, tea is not only the creativity of the baker Read More, but also moved to the western “super five-star” high-grade cuisine table. In Asian tea producing areas, it is not uncommon to eat fresh leaves of tea. With the development of European tea gardens, it is possible to taste Western dishes processed from fresh tea leaves in Europe in the future. Read More

Casa del Te designed by Alexander Ahearn

Good news for Chinese readers: related article has been published in the May 2021 <Tea Times 茶博览> tea magazine in Chinese, 国际茶日-欧洲茶人的线上狂欢”.

<Tea Times 茶博览> May 2021

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