Tea Podcast or Multicast? – The Secret of Tea

Wenzhuo Liu

Good news for Chinese readers: related article has been published in Wenzhuo‘s column Tea Perspectives of October 2021 <Tea Times 茶博览> tea magazine in Chinese, 观茶者专栏-“Inga Krämer: 茶的秘密”里的直播.

Inga Krämer launched her “The Secret of Tea” podcast at the end of 2019. She not only has her own podcast, but also social media such as YouTube channel and instragram TV. The accounts of these media platforms carry and fulfill her tea enthusiasm and she can switch freely. For example, if the tea theme of this issue needs to reflect the etiquette of tea ceremony or show the appearance of tea and tea sets, she chooses visual media. If tea theory and other ideological topics are involved, podcasts that are relatively simple in post production will be used, and it is better to add a blog. Tea itself is a complex theme. If tea people want to properly express the diversified topics of tea, one may not be limited to a single form of expression.

She is eloquent and good at speaking, so she thinks podcasting is very suitable for her. After working as a secretary in Berlin for half a day, she can focus on her favorite tea career in her spare time. This love of tea began with another early enthusiasm for Chinese Kung Fu. In 1998, her master Jiang brought her knowledge of Chinese tea and Kung Fu tea. In her tea road of more than 20 years, tea makes her more focused, more conscious and always curious. The tea ceremony makes her find the way of self-confidence, calm her mind and focus more on what she really wants in life. For her, tea tasting is a good way of self reflection, and tea drinking has contributed to her acquaintance with tea lovers.

Her podcasts are usually updated every month. Inga tends to choose some people she thinks are professional in a certain field to interview. She hopes that she can learn and comprehend in the process of interview. If there are some stories that use tea as the medium to affect or change the lifestyle and even improve people’s character, such as her emphasis on continuous consciousness and meditation practice through tea and rising to the spiritual energy world of tea, it can be called a perfect interview.

I have participated in Inga’s podcast and noticed that her program pays great attention to interaction, whether online or offline with listeners and viewers, or with interviewees. Some people gave her suggestions to open a new topic, and others thanked her for bringing a new perspective to their tea practices. Inga feels that tea provides people with a safe place psychologically and physically. She enjoys communicating with the interviewees and creates opportunities for face-to-face direct interview with the interviewees as much as possible. When four eyes contact, it can not only enhance relations, real communication, but also help better communication.

In her spare time, Inga also teaches basic tea ceremony knowledge and practice online and provides tea ceremony and tea meditation workshops for offline activities of companies. In October this year, she tried to organize online Matcha tea ceremony competition. She hosted the tea lectures of the Berlin Tea Festival in 2019 and hopes to organize some online tea activities with these Berlin tea people this year. In her activities, she often mentioned that for Berlin tea drinkers, there are always more attractive stories in the more humanized minority tea, which can better let people taste the human flavor. Compared with the huge German tea enterprise system, tenacious minority tea people need more opportunities to show themselves. Inga is very proud that her platform can give them a chance to speak.

Good news for Chinese readers: related article has been published in Wenzhuo‘s column Tea Perspectives of October 2021 <Tea Times 茶博览> tea magazine in Chinese, 观茶者专栏-“Inga Krämer: 茶的秘密”里的直播.

Tea Perspectives of October 2021 <Tea Times 茶博览>

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