Germinate Tea Seeds – Wudang Tea Garden Germany

Wenzhuo Liu

Recycable, Environmentally-friendly or Creative

It is common to use a plastic propagation tray to germinate a large number of seeds and repot seedlings afterwards, since tea is a tree kind of plant which needs a longer space to develop a deep root system, we use the plate pots here in Germany. But are there some other options, on more recycable, environmentally-friendly or creative ways?

The square shape pot is popular, a proper depth helps plants to grow a good root system.

Round shape of plastic, we also use.

Pots of other materials are also used very often, ceramic pots, typically pottery pots have higher soil aerations and water permeabilities than plastic, many nice shapes and colors are offered in markets.

Plant bags of flax may be lack of aesthetic feelings, but they are light and flexible, that could be very practical for plant productions. When tea plants grow big enough to transplant in ground, these bags could be kept and put directly in earth, roots would grow out from bags freely.

Pots of paper are recyclable and environmentally-friendly, they could be decomposed after repotting and then nourish the plants at some point.

We try to be creative and use eggshells as pots to germinate our tea seeds, eggshells could be also decomposed and give nutrition to plants.

What do you use for your seed germinations? Share your ideas with us. 🙂

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