German Teagarden – Tschanara

Wenzhuo Liu

Teagarden – Tschanara has been the very first tea garden since 1999 in Germany, Odenthal-Scheuren at an altitude of 200m, there are many different varieties from all around the world, China, South-Korea, Japan, Nepal, India, Vietnam, Turkey, Germany, Netherlands and England etc..

Because of the German long and relative cold winters, not all of the tea varieties can be used to a long period  of frosts, some tea varieties are kept in the green house- 30m long plastic tunnel, bushes, shrubs and trees of tea plants can all be seen here, small leaf bushes and big leaf trees, in here is like in a living tea museum.

In spring, green, black and oolong teas are manually produced here, the harvest season is normally in May. If you are interested in tea processes by hands, do not miss the chance in 2019.

Tea seeds are harvested at Teagarden – Tschanara every year, and some seedlings from seeds could adapt well enough to be directly transplanted in some other areas in Europe. Nowadays, it is very rare in China to harvest tea seeds in economic tea fields, since tea farmers commonly purchase seedlings or use cuttage, engraft and layering in order to keep the best quality of one variety

Outdoor tea field is on the shielded hillside, it looks extreme beautiful under snow, different tea varieties have adapted the German weather and grow very well, the annual yield is relative small – 3 kg, but stable and with unique tastes.


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